Cathy Lomax and Eleanor Moreton at Block 336, Brixton

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Cathy Lomax, artist and curator and Eleanor Moreton, artist, are similarly fascinated by the constructed allure of culture. Lomax works with cinematic and narrative devices used in film and the media. Moreton reworks well known mythologies, history paintings and personal narratives. To different effect, they both employ painterly melodrama to explore the psychology of image making. 

About Cathy Lomax

Cathy Lomax is a London based artist and winner of the 2016 Contemporary British Painting Prize. On completing a MA in Fine Art at Central St Martins in 2002 she set up Transition Gallery in East London. She also edits two art and culture magazines, Arty and Garageland. In 2016 Lomax started a PhD at Queen Mary University of London, researching the role of makeup in the creation of the female film-star image. Her artwork assimilates the seductive imagery of film, fame and fashion and juxtaposes it with personal narratives and the everyday. Her resulting paintings and installations play with history by combining influences from disparate sources to form new groupings and categories.

About Eleanor Moreton

Eleanor Moreton studied painting at Exeter College of Art and Chelsea College of Art, and Art History and Theory at the University of Central England. Her work explores ideas around gender, sexuality, love, psychological theories, and history. She also appears from time to time as a musician and musicians often feature in her paintings.

Her solo show A Cold Wind From The Mountains at the Phoenix Exeter in 2017, was recently included in the Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting by Matt Price (Anomie, 2018). Other solo shows include the Ceri Hand Gallery in Liverpool and in London, Canal, London and Jack Hanley, New York. She has taken part in group exhibition in the UK and abroad. She was a Durham Cathedral Artist in Residence. Her work also features in Picturing People by Charlotte Mullins (Thames and Hudson 2015).

Cathy Lomax
Eleanor Moreton

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